Monday, 7 May 2007

The Armenian genocide was a massacre, where the Turque killed 1.500.000 armenian, the genocide started 24 of april because that day the turque started to secuestr at lot of the people. it's the day of today the turque dont' reconcedthis massacre.
The Turque can't ingres in the Europ Union because one of the requisist is remmber the genocide.
The Armenian want JUSTICE

Monday, 9 April 2007

Easter Celebration

This is how I celebrate Easter.

When we greet other people in Easter we say in Armenian Kristos Hariat Y Merreloz(Cristo Resusito Entre Los Muertos), and the other answers Horneal Harrutivn Kristosi(Bendita Sea La resureccion de Cristo).

In Easter the lot of family gathered in a house... first we eat hard eggs and we play a game.

The game consist on who can get the hardest egg. Somebody knocks the other egg and if you break the other egg, you win. Then you eat that egg and you eat other appetizer, then we eat a typical armenian food, for example lehmeyun, mante, dolma, or we eat asado.
then we breack the chocolate eggs and we eat that, with the cafe and me grandmom do a typical dessert, for example gadaiff, baklava shamalli, etc.

My Easter celebration is not similar to any of the ones I read in our classroom Blog.